STAR Outlaw 140 Self-Bailing Raft

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Considered by many to be the best all-around raft size, the 4.3 m STAR Outlaw 140 gives you the load capacity for multiday trips for 2-3 people, room for fishing, and stability for big water boating..
  • The Outlaw 140 gives you the air volume and stability for big loads and big water while still feeling manageable on smaller technical streams.
  • The STAR Outlaw Series combines classic raft designs with modern materials and construction for premium performance you can afford.
  • STAR rafts and catarafts are built with advanced-formula PVC material using state-of-the-art seam welding technology, resulting in superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention.
  • Heavy-duty tube and floor material shrugs off encounters with rocks and the wear and tear that comes with years of adventures.
  • Frame wear patches on top of the tubes, plus extra material on the bottoms of the side tubes for added protection.
  • Comes with two removable thwarts with room to add a third thwart for up to six paddlers, plus a guide in the stern.
  • The BAT (Batten Attachment Thwart system) lets you easily add or remove thwarts to accommodate paddlers or a rowing frame.
  • The floor insert also attaches to the self-bailing bottom using the BAT system.
  • Includes twelve 4 cm stainless steel D-rings and four carry handles.
  • Three separate air chambers in the outer tube keep you afloat in the event of a puncture.
  • Top-quality Leafield C7 inflation valves ensure trouble-free performance.
  • High-pressure hand pump required to fully inflate the drop-stitch floor.
  • Includes repair kit.
  • 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial.
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Series: Outlaw
Length: 4.3 m
Width: 2.2 m
Weight: 65 kg
Tube Diameter: 56 cm
Number of Thwarts: 2
Bow Kick: 76 cm
Stern Kick: 76 cm
Number of Air Chambers: 6
Valve Type: Leafield - C7
Self Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC
Weight/Denier of Tube Material: 52/2000
Weight/Denier of Floor Material: 52/2000
Bottom Wear Patch: 68/4000
Number of D-rings: 12
Number of Handles: 4
Center Compartment Width: 109 cm
Suggested NRS Frame Width: 168 cm
Maximum Frame Length: 211 cm
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years Retail, 3 Years Commercial