NRS Super 2 HP Pump

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The NRS Super 2 HP Pump is a patented double-chambered pump for optimal power with minimal effort. Easily inflate high-pressured inflatables up to 25 psi.
  • Ideal for use on high-pressure inflatables, such as SUP boards, the Super 2 HP Pump can inflate up to 25 psi.
  • Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Includes an integrated pressure gauge for precise inflation.
  • For maximum output, push in the black AIR MAX button to engage the larger diameter outer chamber, for inflating in the high volume mode.
  • Push in the black POWER BOOSTER button to engage the smaller diameter inner chamber, for inflating to high pressure with less effort.
  • Includes Leafield C7/D7 Valve Adapter and other adapters that fit Halkey-Roberts New Short, Summit 2 and H3 valves.
  • Note: When changing between Air Max and Power Booster modes, make sure the pump handle is pushed completely down before pushing the button.
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    High Pressure Mode

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    High Volume Mode

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  • 0.37 gal. (1.4 liters) per inner chamber high-pressure stroke
  • 1 gal. (3.8 liters) per outer chamber high-volume stroke
Action: Inflate only
Pump Dimensions: 11 cm diameter x 56 cm H
Chamber Dimensions: 11cm Dia. x 45cm H
Hose Length: 122 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg
  • 0-25 psi (0-1.7 bar) pressure gauge
  • Leafield C7/D7 Valve Adapter and other adapters for Halkey-Roberts New Short, Summit 2 and H3 valves