NRS Sliq Twist Lock Carabiner

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The NRS Sliq Twist Lock Carabiner offers auto-locking security and single-hand operation.
  • Our Sliq family of keylock carabiners are multi-purpose workhorses that strike the ultimate balance of strength and durability in a lightweight package.
  • Anodized finish provides years of lasting performance.
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy construction for reliable safety without the heft.
  • Easy-to-hold asymmetrical D shape functions like a classic D-shape without the weight.
  • Large gate opening for easily clipping in or attaching to gear.
  • Simultaneously closes and locks for easy operation. Lock disengages with a quick twist to open.
  • Carries the CE EN362 and EN12275 certifications.
1 kN = 102 kg of force
Strength Closed: 25kN
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Material: Anodized aluminum alloy AL-7075 with stainless rivets and wires
Carabiner Strength Closed: 25 kN = 2550 kg
Strength Open: 9 kN = 918 kg
Dimensions: 98 mm L x 60 mm W
Gate Opening: 18 mm
Weight: 55 g
Locking Mechanism: Twist Lock
  • Certified CE EN362 and EN12275