NRS Canoe 3-D End Float Bags

59,95 €–139,95 €

Item: 50087.01

Infinity 3-D End Floats give you the water displacement you'll need under most conditions. Combine them with center floats and you'll be ready for big-water tandem paddling. Fits most canoes except those equipped with factory flotation chambers.
  • These bags are made from 70 Denier Urethane coated Nylon giving you amazing toughness and resistance to abrasion and UV rays
  • Large dump valve is great for quickly inflating and deflating your bags.
  • Fully inflated dimensions: 75 cm L x 46 cm D x 72 cm W
  • Lifetime warranty.
To determine the correct size of float bag for your boat, measure the inside compartment and order a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to fill the space in your boat completely.
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Boat Type: Canoe
Material: 70-denier urethane-coated nylon
Dimensions: 75 cm Length x 46 cm Depth x 72 cm Width
Inflation Tube Length: 27 cm
  • Float Bags
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Large dump valve for quick inflation and deflation