NRS Women's Riptide Splash Jacket

179,95 €

Item: 20031.02

Designed for versatile and adaptable protection at a friendlier price, the waterproof-breathable NRS Women's Riptide Splash Jacket is perfect for kayakers who don't let the forecast dictate their paddling plans.
  • Lightweight HyproTex™ material repels water while letting excess heat and moisture escape for all-day waterproof comfort.
  • Stretchy urethane neck closure adjusts for added ventilation or extra protection from splash.
  • Punch-through neoprene wrists offer more comfortable protection than latex gaskets.
  • Features a half-zip collar and articulated hood, doubling the protection against rain and wind, while allowing easy ventilation on calmer days.
  • Kayak overskirt with bungee adjustment joins with your spray skirt keeping water out of your cockpit.
  • Two splashproof, zippered sleeve pockets for small essentials and reflective accents for open-water safety.
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Weight: 567 g
Material: 40-denier, 2.5 layer HyproTex™
Waterproof: Yes
Breathable: Yes
Neck Closure: Adjustable polyurethane hook-and-loop with quick-venting half-zip
Wrist Closure: Neoprene volcano punch-through cuffs
Waist System: Kayak overskirt to mate with sprayskirt, bungee draword
Double Tunnel: Yes
  • 2 - Sleeve
Latex Neck Gasket: No
Latex Wrist Gaskets: No
Reflective Detailing: Yes
Gender Sizing: Women
  • Articulated storm hood
  • Splashproof sleeve pockets
  • Kayak overskirt
  • Quick-venting neck


Available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL

SizeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Bust (cm)Waist (cm)Hips (cm)Numeric Size
XL175-18379-9597-10789-99107-11712 - 14
XXL180-18891-100104-10997-104112-12216 - 18